Our Mission

Our mission statement is adapted from the By-Laws of the Association. It clearly defines the intent and direction of Associated Wire Rope Fabricators and is as follows:

  • To promote interests common among companies manufacturing, fabricating, or distributing lifting, rigging and load securement devices, including other integral components of wire rope, chain and synthetic products
  • To establish, acquire, preserve and disseminate technical information within the lifting, rigging and load securement industry
  • To encourage the development of safety standards for manufacturing, fabrication and distribution of lifting, rigging and load securement devices, and to promote suggested safety programs and procedures applicable to the industry
  • To suggest, promote and distribute safety programs, procedures and materials applicable to the industry workplace
  • To establish product identification procedures directly related to the industry
  • To assist in establishing and maintaining adequate products liability insurance, as well as other insurance needs for the industry
  • To consider and deal with common problems of the industry, such as those involving production, distribution and service
  • To advance, by all lawful means, the common purposes of the industry
  • To promote mutual respect, good will and confidence through integrity and efficient service
  • To provide sound advice, counsel and service to the customer in selection of materials and manufactured goods best suited for the application
  • To encourage appropriate recognition of the contributions to business by management, the customer, the investor and the general public
  • To participate in the civic and political process