A Commitment to Education and the Future

The Ronald J. Worswick Memorial Scholarship

ronald Ron Worswick was a man who understood real value and created real value. He was an entrepreneur who took risks, but never at the expense of his family, team members or customers. He was a teacher who learned the lessons of life and passed them on to others. Today, the man who built Certified Slings & Supply into an industry leader would be proud to know that the Associated Wire Rope Fabricators has approved the establishment of a scholarship in his memory: The Ronald J. Worswick Memorial Scholarship. The Ronald J. Worswick Memorial Scholarship becomes the eighth scholarship offered through the AWRF Scholarship Program. It is a fitting tribute to a man who recognized the value of education and the importance of a vision for the future. He would be honored to know that each scholarship will assist a deserving young man or woman in fulfilling his or her potential.

During his life, Ron Worswick led by example. He taught those around him the importance of integrity as an essential asset in business and in life. He ran his company on the principal of “Is it the right thing to do?” True to his legacy, that is the way Certified Slings and & Supply still operates today. His company’s team members and their children directly felt Ron Worswick’s commitment to education. From kindergarten through college, every school report card they earned with all A’s or B’s was rewarded with a $50.00 US Savings Bond. Along with the bond came a signed letter from the boss himself with personal words of encouragement. Nicole Parkerson, Ron Worswick’s granddaughter and Certified Slings vice president said, “Because of family responsibilities, my grandfather was never able to complete his college degree, but he knew that a good education was a valuable asset in fulfilling each person’s dreams and ambitions.”

certified-sling-logo Earlier this year, the Board of Directors of Certified Slings recognized that the values espoused by Ron Worswick and the goals of the AWRF scholarship Program were well matched. The Board’s decision to support the scholarship program was unanimous. Achievement, commitment and service to the community were ideals that guided Ron Worswick in life. Through his scholarship, these same ideals will live on into the future. Ron Worswick would be pleased to know that a new generation of young men and women will be helped in making our country a better and more productive place in which to live. Established in 1958, Certified Slings & Supply is an award-winning manufacturer, distributor and retailer. Products include: wire rope, chain and synthetic web slings, safety and fall protection equipment, lifting and hoisting assemblies, cargo tie downs, excavator/drag line buckets and replacement parts. Certified Slings & Supply is a Slingmax® Rigging Solutions Fabricator for Florida and is a proud member of Associated Wire Rope Fabricators.

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