Founded: 1995


The Association of Crane and Rigging Professionals (ACRP) is a nonprofit association whose mission is dedicated to improving crane operations and rigging activities in all industries. This is accomplished by providing educational opportunities to it’s members and the public. Promote lifting equipment safety Standards Improve the quality of lifting equipment training, consulting and inspection for all those who are involved in lifting and rigging activities in all industries. Represent the crane and rigging industry in regulatory forums.



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• Phone: Toll Free +1 800.690.3921

• Fax: +1 248.994.4313

• Mail: 28175 Haggerty Rd., Novi, MI, USA, 48377



Board of Directors

ACRP_Board_TomDeSoo President: Thomas De Soo, I & I Sling/ Slingmax® ACRP_Board_Logos_Riverside” width=
ACRP_Board_JeffHairston Vice President: Jeff Hairston, RHTC, Inc ACRP_Board_Logos_RHTC
ACRP_Board_JeffRoach Secretary/Treasurer: Jeffrey Roach, American Electric Power (AEP) ACRP_Board_Logos_AEP
Chairman: Ron Overton, Overton Safety Training ACRP_Board_Logos_Overton
ACRP_Board_MikeBarrett Mike Barrett, J.F White Contracting Co. ACRP_Board_Logos_JFWhite
J.P. Biondo, Oak Ridge National Laboratory ACRP_Logos_Oakridge
ACRP_Board_DannyBishop Danny Bishop, The Crosby Group ACRP_Board_Logos_Crosby
Ted Blanton Sr., North American Crane Bureau ACRP_Logos_NACB
James Cahill, J.F. White Contracting
Doug Cutsinger, Bishop Lifting Products ACRP_Board_Logos_Bishop
ACRP_Board_TerryDriscoll Terry Driscoll, John Sakach Co. of St. Louis ACRP_Board_Logos_JohnSakach
Steven French, Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) ACRP_Board_Logos_TVA
ACRP_Board_JerryKlinke Neil Hayes, ACRA ACRP_Board_Logos_ACRA
ACRP_Board_JohnHellums John Hellums, Industrial Training International ACRP_Board_Logos_ITI
ACRP_Board_DaveJohnson David Johnson, SmithAmundsen, LLP. ACRP_Board_Logos_Smith
Amanda Jordan, Industrial Training International ACRP_Board_Logos_ITI
ACRP_Board_PKubar Paul Kuber, Retired ExxonMobil ACRP_Board_Logos_Exxon
Joseph Kuzar, Industrial Training International ACRP_Board_Logos_ITI
Joseph Orlando, Cianbro ACRP_Board_Logos_Cianbro
ACRP_Board_MParnell Mike Parnell, Industrial Training International ACRP_Board_Logos_ITI
Bransford Pickett, System Engineering & Forensics Services
ACRP_Board_MikeRiggs Mike Riggs, The Rigging Institute ACRP_Board_Logos_RiggingInstitute
Rob Scherbarth, Overton Safety Training
Paul Sweeny, Riverside Engineering ACRP_Board_Logos_Riverside” width=
ACRP_Board_MikeSmith Mike Smith, Sims HD ACRP_Board_Logos_SimsHD
ACRP_Board_MatthewDina Matthew Dina, Fluor Corporation ACRP_Board_Logos_Fluor” width=



Terms: Officer 2 years. BOD 3 years. Updated annually at GAM as term expires.