LR is a company limited by shares, called Lloyd’s Register Group Limited; we are the operating company of the Lloyd’s Register organisation. The shares in Lloyd’s Register Group Limited are owned by Lloyd’s Register Foundation, a registered charity.

Change and growth

LR has undergone significant change and growth over recent years, having grown to a £1 billion-turnover service provider with over 9,000 employees worldwide and over 60,000 clients, from from SMEs to Fortune 500 companies. We have undertaken the acquisitions of ODS, Human Engineering, ModuSpec, Scandpower and West Engineering. The organisation has also restructured to create the Lloyd’s Register Foundation as the parent entity, invested in technology leadership through its global technology centres, diversified its services further into energy and rail, and expanded its management systems business, LRQA. In September 2013, we announced a significant investment in Senergy, an integrated energy services company.

Our work helps to ensure that our clients’ assets and processes are safe, responsible and sustainable.

Our clients range from local businesses to multinational companies. They generally manage large, high-value assets where mistakes could prove much more than just financially damaging – at risk could be worker safety, local communities and the environment.

Our professional services extend across the life cycle of assets that are of critical importance to our lives. We help our clients to build, operate and extend the life of ships, oil rigs, rail networks, power stations – with safety as the key. Through our business assurance services we help companies manage their systems and risks across a wide range of sectors from food safety to energy management.

We help our clients to ensure the quality construction and operation of critical infrastructure. We do this by surveying assets against internationally agreed rules and standards, some of which we have helped to develop. But our work involves much more than this.

There is an increasing need for the provision of sophisticated risk management services in relation to technical, safety and commercial aspects of our clients’ assets – ships, oil rigs, industrial plant, railways – throughout the asset life cycle. Our risk management services support better decision-making by contributing to a greater understanding and control of risks and their impacts.

The traditional ‘stamp of regulatory approval’ remains the dominant compliance model for these high-risk, asset-intensive industries. But we are going beyond basic compliance to ensure that our clients’ integrity strategies are focused on operational and safety-critical areas – such as blowout preventers in offshore drilling operations.


As a marine classification society, we set safety and environmental standards for the design, construction and operation of ships. But we are not just about surveying ships; we are dedicated to supporting the development of new technologies and innovations that will play a vital role in the immediate and long-term future of shipping. For more information follow this link to the Marine section of our website.


We are an independent provider of risk management services to the energy sector. Our technical experts and risk engineers evaluate the integrity of plant and processes, and focus on delivering practical advice. We give stakeholders confidence that they are effectively addressing today’s economic, legislative and corporate responsibilities. For more information follow this link to the Energy section of our website.


Our Rail business is centred on providing assurance and expert advice for the rail sectors in three core areas: Asia; Europe; and the Middle East. Our clients range from some of the world’s largest rail administrations to niche component suppliers. For more information follow this link to the Rail section of our website.

Management systems (LRQA)

As an independent provider of business assurance our services include certification, validation, verification and training across a broad spectrum of standards and schemes. We are recognised by over 50 accreditation bodies and deliver our services to clients worldwide. For more information follow this link to the LRQA website.



England and Wales. Registered office: 71 Fenchurch Street, London, EC3M 4BS, UK

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Good governance lies at the heart of all successful organisations and institutions.

The Board of Directors and the Executive Leadership team work together to govern and direct the activities of LR. Through the expertise, talent and dedication of our global workforce, board and management team we can meet the challenges of today and the future.

The Board of Directors is led by Thomas Thune Andersen – Chairman, and the Executive Leadership team by Alastair Marsh – Chief Executive Officer.

The Board of Directors

Executive Leadership team