•  OIPEEC is an international association of people with an interest in the endurance and other aspects of rope technology, including selection, degradation, inspection, and discard. Established in 1963, OIPEEC currently has over 130 members from 30 countries.
  • OIPEEC organizes meetings every second year to discuss issues of relevance to ropes. These meetings, which are open to non-members, alternate between a small Technical Meeting, and a much more extensive Round Table meeting. Every four years the organization offers an award for papers written by young researchers on their investigations relating to rope endurance.
  • OIPEEC publishes a journal twice a year, one edition in June and another in the December. The journal, which is registered as an International Serial publication and available from a number of major national lending libraries, publishes technical papers in the field of rope research and reports the activities of the organization.



Website: www.oipeec.org

Email: administrative@oipeec.org

Phone: +1 248.994.7753

Fax: +1 248.994.7754

Mail: 28175 Haggerty Rd., Novi, MI, USA, 48377


Management Committee



  • Knut Buschmann – Ontario, Canada
  • John Dodd – Newcastle upon Tyne, England
  • J. Dubuisson – Grenoble, France
  • Jeff Gilbert – Michigan, U.S.A.
  • Georg Kopanakis – Zurich, Switzerland
  • Andrzej Tytko – Krakow, Poland
  • Roland Verreet – Aachen, Germany
  • Karl-Heinz Wehking – Stuttgart, Germany
  • Sven Winter – Stuttgart, Germany

Co-opted Members:

  •  Martin Dohm – Johannesburg, South Africa
  •  Hans Huber – Gutersloh, Germany
  •  Valentin Malinovsky – Odessa, Ukraine
  •  Laura Lombardi – Cologno Monzese, Italy
  • Stephane Pernot – France


Honorary MC Members:

  • Richard Chaplin – Derbyshire, England
  • Jean-Paul Gourmelon – Saint Sebastien sur Loiren, France
  • Gabor Oplatka – Zurich, Switzerland
  • Donald Sayenga – Arizona, U.S.A.



  •  Experimental Endurance Studies: Professor Renzo Ciuffi – Firenze, Italy
  • Wire Rope Publication Database: Roland Verreet – Aachen, Germany
  • Wire Rope in Civil Engineering: Jean Paul Gourmelon – Saint Sebastien sur Loiren, France
  • History of Wire Rope: Donald Sayenga – Arizona, U.S.A.