AWRF Member Wirerope Works, Inc. makes Skywire Rope for Wallenda

awrf-blog-series AWRF is proud to congratulate member Wirerope Works, Inc on their involvement with the daring Grand Canyon cross by aerialist Nik Wallenda. Read the article below:

Did you see that daring feat of concentration and balance this weekend?

The one where Nik Wallenda walked a tightrope over a gorge near the Grand Canyon?

Well, the rope was made in Lycoming County.

The only thing standing between aerialist Nik Wallenda and certain death was a two-inch thick wire-rope made at Wirerope Works, Inc. in Williamsport.

It’s the same rope Wallenda used to walk across Niagara Falls last year and needless to say, folks in Williamsport are happy with how their product performed.

Millions watched from their homes over the weekend as Wallenda crossed a river gorge near the Grand Canyon.

Wallenda put one foot in front of the other, 1500 feet from the ground and stayed on the tightrope the whole way.

Wallenda’s life hung in the balance on a rope made at Wirerope Works.

At the plant on Maynard Street, engineer Kim Konyar showed off the two-inch thick rope made of wire designed specifically for Wallenda’s daredevil act.

“The strength is in the rope, integrity is the rope. So we just sat back, white knuckled the walk and cheered him on,” said Konyar, who is unofficially the Premier Wire Rope Design Engineer of the Western Hemisphere.

In fact, Wallenda used the same 2200 foot, 8 ton rope last year during his high wire act over Niagara Falls. The folks at Wirerope Works said the unique design helps keep Wallenda in the air.

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