AWRF Talks Alloy Anchor Shackles with Campbell Chain/Apex Tool Group


AWRF Talks Alloy Anchor Shackles with Campbell Chain/Apex Tool

In the twelfth segment of the new product and technology video series recorded at the AWRF Product and Information Exhibit (PIE) in Ft. Worth Texas we spoke with Matt Currin of Campbell Chain/Apex Tool Group ( ). Matt told us about their recently redesigned and expanded line of alloy anchor shackles; a total of 14 new sizes. The bolt style shackles now range in sizes from 3/8”- 2 ½” and 3/8” – 2” in the screw pin style.

The placement of the lettering on the shackle has been relocated to prevent fraying of synthetic slings or wire rope slings in a rigging application. Now all lettering is 45 degree off center. This also allows for easy working load identification as well as CE markings. Their entire line of shackles is approved for the European Theater (CE).

A design change of the bottom of the shackle where the pin passes through the shackle was implemented. This area of the shackle was optimized to increase strength and improve fit and function between the pin and the shackle body.

Lastly, the coating on the pin has been updated to a thermal depth coating which provides a more durable and consistent coating which is less prone to chipping and wear.

Nice job Matt, thanks for being part of our new product and technology video series.



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