AWRF Talks Dura-Lite Composite Beams with Caldwell


Caldwell, a lifting manufacturer founded in 1954, introduced their new Dura-Lite Composite Beam at the AWRF 2014 PIE. We spoke with them about what makes these beams the best in the business.

These composite beams are very lightweight; the 1 ton, 4 foot tall spreader beam weighs in at only 14 pounds. This quality lends to physical safety and ease of use on the jobsite.
They will not corrode and are chemical resistant; the beams can also be submerged in both saltwater and freshwater.
Dura-Lite beams are non-conductive and will not transmit heat or electricity. They are also very rugged and can handle heavy lifting jobs.

Caldwell will manufacture these beams in size ranges beginning at ¼ ton up to 3 tons and will have some sizes available beginning in December. The entire product line will available in February, will all beams in stock. Caldwell ships same day, and includes freight with the purchase price.

We are excited for the possibilities that the Dura-Lite Composite Beams bring to the lifting industry, and for the future of Caldwell.



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