AWRF Talks EcoSystems with INFOCHIP


InfoChip is a company dedicated to enabling manufacturers, distributors, and end-users to work together to efficiently manage the certification, inspection, and tracking of industrial assets. We caught up with InfoChip at the Fall 2014 AWRF meeting to learn more about the unique way they use RFID chips and their powerful cloud database to revolutionize this industry.

InfoChip helps track the untrackable in the following ways:

By allowing the tracking of small items and items that may have mishandled and therefore have damaged serial numbers
Those assets that require regular maintenance and certifications
Items that may need to be moved frequently from different locations and/or job sites
Assets that have a high volume and would normally require intensive and expensive data tracking systems

InfoChip has been providing their RFID Asset Management Solutions since 2002, and are constantly seeking new ways to deliver these solutions to their customers.



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