AWRF Talks Hoists and Alloy Sling Chain with Harrington Hoist at AWRF P.I.E 2013


There was a revolution going on at the last AWRF Product and Information Exhibit (PIE) in Ft. Worth Texas. We caught up with Bret Lussow of Harrington Hoist ( ) to learn more about it.

Harrington Hoist, which is known for its world famous hoists, is now offering grade 100 alloy steel sling chain. Their parent company Kito Corporation has been manufacturing this chain since the early eighties. Their chain meats all the requirements of A.S.T.M. and is compatible with all major North American fittings. Bret explained that their chain is recognized for its excellent elongation and bending strength.

Bret also showed us two great tool box mini hoists manufactured by Kito; the LX Mini Puller and CX Mini Hand Chain Hoist. The LX Mini Puller is available in quarter and half ton capacity and has a two year warranty. The CX Mini Hand Chain Hoist is available in quarter ton capacity, has stainless steel hand chain and nickel plated load chain (also available with a slip clutch). These are the world’s smallest hoists and are ideal for many applications.

Nice job Bret, thanks for being part of our new product and technology video series.



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