AWRF Talks New Products and Radiolink Plus with Straightpoint


Straightpoint is a UK based company that sets the international standard for lifting projects, and are world leaders in load monitored technology. We recently spoke with Dave from Straightpoint at the 2014 AWRF PIE about some recent improvements in the Radiolink Plus, which is a wireless digital dynamometer load cell.

  • The company removed the corners from the load cell, allowing for a more secure fit.
  • The product has a new internal chassis, which allows an increase in the waterproof rating of the dynamometer. This feature is especially important in harsher environments.
  • The battery life of the Radiolink Plus has been extended to 1200 hours with no external antenna.
  • The load cell connects to a new multi-function hand held display which measures tons, pounds, kilonewtons, kilograms, and peak holds.

Straightpoint’s Loadlink style load cell digital dynamometers are set apart by being on average 30% lighter than their closest competitor while maintaining the same safety rating. AWRF is pleased to have Straightpoint as one of the companies committed to making the lifting industry a safer place.



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