AWRF Talks New Technology with Deacero/Washington Wire Rope


At the last AWRF Product and Information Exhibit (PIE) in Ft. Worth, Texas we spoke with Gonzalo Llaguno of Deacero/Washington Wire Rope ( about their new facility which is using new technology to manufacture wire rope and wire products. He explained their manufacturing process all the way from raw material to final products. They are capable of manufacturing billets, rod, bars and beams for different industries.

Their USA affiliate company, Washington Wire Rope located in Houston, Texas strands the wire and closes to form wire rope in different designs and sizes. Their wire rope is used on all types of applications and industries such as lifting, mining, rigging. Deacero also produces electromechanical cable of different types for oil wells.

Nice job Gonzalo, thanks for being part of our new product and technology video series.



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