AWRF Talks QuikBinder with Peerless Industrial Group


AWRF Talks QuikBinder with Peerless Industrial Group

Every eighteen months AWRF holds a Product and Information Exhibit (PIE) in a different city in North America. At the last PIE in Ft. Worth Texas this past April we talked to Bruce Holt from the Peerless Industrial Group ( ). He told us about their new QuikBinder. He was also kind enough to demonstrate how easy it is to use.

The Peerless QuikBinder is light weight and easy to use. The ratcheting lever is off center which makes it easy to hold the binder with one hand and ratchet with the other. Once the grab hooks of the QuikBinder are attached to the binder chains open the lever and ratchet to the desired take up. These binders offer six inches of take up. Once the load is tightened down the mechanism is locked and the handle folds out of the way.

When it’s time to loosen the load; switch the lock to unlock and rotate the center body counter clockwise. This will loosen the load and allow the binder to quickly be removed.

Nice job Bruce, thanks for being part of our new product and technology video series.



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