AWRF Talks to Unitex Group USA : UltraLift Round Sling


Welcome to the second segment of our new product and technology video series from the AWRF Product and Information Exhibition (PIE) in Ft. Worth TX. We are talking with Trevor Waycott of Unitex Group USA ( ) . Trevor shows us their UltraLift round sling, which was developed with DSM Dyneema. This sling is a high performance lifting sling that is used in many industries.

The UltraLift has significant advantages; such as extreme durability, 100% Dyneema inside and out and superior cycle life. The Dyneema material is so strong it allows them to maintain a very small diameter; maximizing strength to weight ratio. This feature makes the UltraLift more compatible with conventional hardware, ergonomic and the D/d ratio is amazing. There is no slack in the outer jacket so it doesn’t allow for fiber movement. It has less than 1% stretch and it floats. Trevor also showed us their Supertechlon round sling. This sling has Teflon coated yarns to maximize durability. Nice job Trevor, thanks for being part of our new product and technology video series.



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