AWRF Talks Training with Industrial Training International (ITI)


In the fourth segment of the new product and technology video series, which was recorded during the 2013 AWRF Product and Information Exhibition (PIE) in Ft. Worth TX, we spoke with Mike Parnell of Industrial Training International (ITI) ( ). Mike and ITI have been members of AWRF for about 20 years!

ITI provides training classes, such as rigging inspection training, qualification of personnel for inspection and sling fabrication, as well as on-site crane training of all types. They also specialize in creating manuals, procedure documents and audits for all types of crane and rigging inspections and inspectors. Their classes are offered at their facility, on location, or through their e-learning portal. Mike explains that e-learning is an easy way to help get training information out to the job sites or into the rigging shops that provide inspections for their customers. ITI’s full service library is full of great reference material and their e-learning classes range from basic rigger to advanced rigging to mobile cranes.

Nice job Mike, thanks for being part of our new product and technology video series.



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