AWRF Web Sling Analyzer

During the year 1997 and 1998 the AWRF conducted ‘Bunching’ Tests on 3″ and 4″ webbing (known as Test Program VI).

This Test Program generated an unexpected variety of test data of a very complex nature requiring the assistance of a professional mathematical analysis expert.

The following is an analysis generated by Steven M. Tipton, PhD, P.E., which is presented in the format of a ‘Visual Basic’ computer program. This program computes rated sling capacities and allows the user to input ‘bunching’ parameters, which are based on Steven Tipton’s analysis of AWRF generated test data. This allows the user to estimate possible sling capacity reductions. The Help File explains in detail the function of the program and also explains the analytical process upon which this program is based.

Program Operation

The operation of this program is simple: the user enters values for the parameters defining a particular lift, and the rated capacity for the lift is immediately displayed.


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