Jim Craig to Keynote AWRF 2013 Fall Meeting

awrf-blog-series Since 1980, Jim Craig has been synonymous with Gold Medal success. Most people know him for his success on the ice in Lake Placid, but Jim’s success in the business world over the last 30+ years is equally impressive.

As President and
Founder of Gold Medal Strategies, Jim has created business strategies from the core principles that helped the 1980 U.S. Olympic Ice Hockey team to rise to amazing heights. With his “Gold Medal Strategies,” Jim has traveled near and far to present his award winning keynote speech to over 500 businesses, including some of the world’s most recognizable brands.

Each appearance leaves an indelible impression on the people in attendance because Jim works diligently, through research and preparation, to cater the keynote to the specific needs of the company. This attention to detail and commitment to excellence is a trademark of Jim’s and is also a big reason why he continues to be one of the most coveted keynote speakers in the industry.

Jim’s unique life experiences as an All-American goalie and NCAA Champion at Boston University, Olympic gold medalist, professional athlete, Actor and highly successful business consultant engages his audience with insightful real life experiences. This has assisted with him being named one of the top 5 speakers on Teamwork for two consecutive years in a row.

Jim’s new business book, Gold Medal Strategies, Business Lessons from Americas Miracle Team, which focuses on his Gold Medal Strategies for Success and Leader’s Magazine article Pulling Greatness Out of People were released in 2011.

Jim is married to his wife Sharlene of 25 years and lives in the Tampa Area.



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