Lifting the World Trade Center Spire Twin-Path® Slings


A tower is being built over the ashes of the World Trade Center and people are happy to see it. The tower will be larger and representative of the resilience of the American people. The 1 World Trade Center (or Freedom Tower, as it is more commonly known as) will be the tallest building in the western hemisphere, reaching an impressive 1,776 feet tall.

The 1WTC boasts over three million square feet of office space and cost nearly three billion dollars to construct. The tower was designed and built with tenants in mind, offering special temperature control features, natural light in most spaces, as well as added safety features. The PYTHON high performance wire rope for the cranes was supplied by The Bilco Group as well as ASC industries/ PYTHON America. Kenneth Snelson designed the crowning structure. in addition to the many innovative features of the new Freedom Tower, the world’s third fastest elevators will also be included. A strong factor in why the faster elevators will be installed is because of the lack of vertical transportation on 9/11. The seventy-three elevators and eleven escalators were produced and manufactured by ThyssenKrupp Elevator. Most of the hoist cable wire ropes were made by Brugg Wire Rope and will be used for the elevators. The non-rotating high performance ropes for the Freedom Tower were produced by Bilco Wire Rope, a PYTHON America distributor.

Training and instructional seminars were conducted to educate workers on proper installation as well as safety and inspection.

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