IMCA is a trade association and exists for the benefit of its members across the offshore, marine and underwater engineering industry. In common with other trade associations, we provide members with guidance, allowing them to ‘self-regulate’ rather than look to clients or governments for setting rules and procedures. While governments legislate on a range of issues in the public interest, they cannot produce legislation for every part of an industry’s operations – nor may that be desirable. A key benefit of industry guidance is that it can be implemented and updated more quickly than legislation, which is vital in an industry with rapidly advancing technology. As a trade association we must also comply with international competition law (competition, antitrust and similar laws). We use strict guidelines to ensure compliance.

IMCA ‘s technical work programme is based on a set of strategic objectives on improving peformance in the marine contracting industry.

IMCA’s Vision & Strategy 2014-2019 is designed to outline what we do and how we do it.

What We Do – Our Core Activities

Championing better regulation

  • Influencing regulatory direction and development and helping to maintain a free and fair market
  • Using creative thinking to improve the industry

 Enhancing operational integrity

  • Developing and sharing industry good practice
  • Driving risk management
  • Promoting fair contracting principles
  • Improving competence, skills and knowledge

 How We Do It – Our Ways of Working

Engaging and developing our members and other core stakeholders

  • Representing the interests and aspirations of our members
  • Developing a committee structure that delivers the work programme
  • Engaging client organisations
  • Raising the profile of the IMCA organisation

Developing our people and organisation

  • Extending our geographical influence
  • Adding value
  • Sustaining and evolving the secretariat
  • Delivering a progressive work environment
  • Delivering our message

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• Website:

IMCA – International Marine Contractors Association
52 Grosvenor Gardens
United Kingdom

Phone: +44 (0) 20 7824 5520
Fax: +44 (0) 20 7824 5521

Or you can contact the relevent departments directly using the details below:

Diving exams and certification

Direct phone: +44 (0) 20 7824 5522


Direct phone: +44 (0) 20 7824 5523


Direct phone: +44 (0) 20 7824 5524


Direct phone: +44 (0) 20 7824 5525


IMCA Secretariat

For over a quarter of a century the Association and its predecessors has had a secretariat to provide administrative support and co-ordination for IMCA’s committee-based work programme.

Since 1997 a secretariat in London has provided full-time member support, expanding in line with the association’s membership and widening work programme.


  • leatt-allen-160x180

    Allen Leatt

    Chief Executive

    Allen, who joined IMCA in October 2015, has over 30 years’ international experience in the marine contracting business with leading companies including Subsea 7, Acergy and Technip.

    Allen’s career in the marine industry began in 1978 when as a graduate engineer he qualified as a commercial air diver and has subsequently spent his entire professional career in the marine contracting business.

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  • benzie-richard-160x180

    Richard Benzie

    Technical Director

    Richard joined IMCA in October 2015 as Technical Director. He entered the industry in 1981 as a Schlumberger Field Engineer, moving into ROV operations shortly thereafter. He spent eight years with Wharton Williams (2W) Ltd in various offshore ROV-related roles, five years with Rockwater Ltd as ROV Project Manager and Subsea Manager, and six years with Stolt Offshore where he became Group Manager – Mobile Assets.

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Regional Team

  • welch-denis-120x135

    Denis Welch

    Denis Welch – Regional Director for Asia-Pacific

    Denis Welch is based in Singapore and has a track record of Board level appointment in leading international companies and start-ups spanning the marine, civil, automotive and aerospace sectors.

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Policy and Regulatory Affairs Team

  • bradshaw-john-120x135

    John Bradshaw

    Policy & Regulatory Affairs Manager

    John joined IMCA in September 2015. He joined us from Lloyd’s Register where he was Principal Technical Specialist, developing rules and regulations for the safe construction and classification of ships, approving designs and providing engineering consulting services.

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  • comyn-emily-120x135

    Emily Comyn

    Technical Adviser – Policy & Regulatory Affairs

    Emily joined the IMCA secretariat in March 2009 as a Technical Adviser, focusing on international legislative affairs. Emily monitors and lobbies where appropriate in such key areas as the International Maritime Organization (IMO), at which IMCA has non-governmental observer status, and other sources of international, regional and national legislation which affects the maritime industries and IMCA members in particular.

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  • antoniadou-eleni-120x135

    Eleni Antoniadou

    Policy and Regulatory Affairs Adviser

    Eleni is a lawyer with client advisory and regulatory expertise in international maritime law, corporate reporting and compliance with regard to environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) issues. Eleni joined the IMCA Secretariat in August 2016 as a Policy & Regulatory Affairs Adviser, focusing on international legislative affairs.

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Technical Team

  • ford-mark-120-135

    Mark Ford

    Technical Manager

    Mark joined the IMCA secretariat as a Technical Adviser – Marine in February 2012 from Charles Taylor Consulting where he worked as a senior surveyor and divisional director in the safety and loss prevention department.

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  • baldwin-chris-120x135

    Chris Baldwin

    Technical Adviser – Marine

    Chris Baldwin joined the Team in June 2014 as Technical Adviser – Marine. Chris spent 29 years in the Royal Navy and most recently held a position in the UK MoD’s Defence Safety and Environment Authority, as the Diving Regulator and Superintendent of Diving. His career has encompassed a range of Warfare Officer (equivalent to Deck Officer) sub-specialist trades, including as a British Sea Fisheries Officer, a Mine Warfare and Clearance Diver, and Principal Warfare Officer.

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  • hough-nick-120x135

    Nicholas Hough

    Technical Adviser – Offshore Survey and Safety, Environment & Legislation

    Nick’s main work is supporting the IMCA Safety, Environment & Legislation Committee and the Offshore Survey Committee. Nick has a NEBOSH General Certificate in occupational safety and health, and is responsible for IMCA safety flashes and safety statistics, and for supporting the development of safety promotional material & guidance. As someone from a survey engineering background he is also well qualified to offer significant technical input to IMCA’s Offshore Survey related publications.

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  • goldsmith-andy-120x135

    Andy Goldsmith

    Technical Adviser – Marine

    Andy joined IMCA in January 2015 with 17 years’ experience on a range of dynamically positioned (DP) vessels under his belt. He holds Nautical Institute DP certificate number 127 in a world where the certificate numbers are now well past 23,000, so he is well placed to take on the association’s crucial DP and Marine Division work load.

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  • mcglinchy-bryan-120x135

    Bryan McGlinchy

    Technical Adviser – Diving

    Bryan joined the IMCA secretariat as a Technical Adviser – Diving in February 2012 from the UK Health and Safety Executive. At the Executive, Bryan worked as a front-line inspector, initially in the metals and minerals sector, and then for more than 12 years as a Diving Specialist Inspector.

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  • sieniewicz-pete-120x135

    Peter Sieniewicz

    Technical Adviser – Diving

    Peter joined IMCA as a Technical Adviser (Diving) in April 2012, following 14 years at the Health and Safety Executive (UK HSE) as a Specialist Diving Inspector. For the last 10 years Peter managed a team of specialist diving inspectors in the HSE Southern Inspection Team looking after the health and safety of divers through inspection and investigation in both the offshore and onshore sectors of diving.

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  • barnatt-ann-120x135

    Ann Barnatt

    Document Production Co-ordinator

    Ann officially joined IMCA in May 2007, although she had provided administrative support on an as-required basis from 1984 to 1998.

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Membership Services Group

  • killington-michelle-120x135

    Michelle Killington

    Membership Services Group Supervisor

    Michelle leads the Membership Services Group, which looks after all membership applications and subscriptions, committee elections, publication sales and diving certification.

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  • tucker-kayleigh-120x135

    Kayleigh Tucker

    Membership Services Co-ordinator

    Kayleigh’s main focus within the Membership Services Group, is dealing with membership enquiries, subscriptions, applications, invoicing and all matters related to membership. She provides wide-ranging support to IMCA members and helps manage our database of contacts. Kayleigh is currently on maternity leave until 2018.

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  • glasscock-kayleigh-120x135

    Kayleigh Glasscock

    Membership Services Co-ordinator

    Part of IMCA’s Membership Services Group, Kayleigh has been responsible for co-ordinating the sales of IMCA’s publications since 2014. Kayleigh is currently on maternity leave until late 2017.

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  • clarke-chelsea-120x135

    Chelsea Clarke

    Membership Services Co-ordinator

    Chelsea sits within the Membership Services Group and her main focus is on preparing and issuing IMCA’s safety flashes as well as the minutes of our committees and workgroups. An all-rounder in the team, she also assists with publication sales and membership administration.

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  • gibbons-elizabeth-120x135

    Elizabeth Gibbons

    Office Administrator & Receptionist

    Elizabeth joined IMCA’s Membership Services Group in 2016 as Receptionist & Office Administrator to provide maternity cover for the team. Hers is most likely the first voice you’ll hear when you call the IMCA office.

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Events & Communications Team

  • bleza-claudine-120x135

    Claudine Bleza

    Travel & Events Planner

    Claudine joined IMCA in April 2007. Her primary role is organising the association’s involvement in a variety of industry exhibitions and conferences, where IMCA exhibits, presents or is one of the supporting organisations.

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  • freer-egg-120x135

    Chris Freer

    Graphic Design & Communications Co-ordinator

    Chris Freer joined the IMCA secretariat in October 2012 as a Graphic Design & Communications Co-ordinator after returning from travelling and living in Asia and Australia for a year. Chris is in charge of putting together our quarterly newsletter Making Waves, designing all our marketing and events collateral as well as many of IMCA’s documents and publications.

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IT Support Team

  • foley-ryan-120x135

    Ryan Foley

    IT Support Administrator & CMID Database Manager

    Ryan joined the team in November 2014 as the IT Support Administrator, Ryan’s duties involve developing both the CMID database and the internal databases of IMCA, mantaining the IT life cycle and support of the IMCA Secretariat both in house and remotely.

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Accounts Team

  • adamson-jill-120x135

    Jill Adamson

    Accounts Administrator

    Jill Adamson joined us in July 2015 as our Accounts Assistant. Jill has a strong all round bookkeeping background which will help her support IMCA in all things accounting.

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