Modulift Refurbishes Subsea Beams for Oil and Gas Project

Below-the-hook equipment manufacturer Modulift recently refurbished two subsea spreader beams for a major subsea installation contractor before they were used to lift 260t and 280t manifolds for a field development offshore Libya. The standard Modulift SUB 380 beams originally offered up to 380t at 9m or 30 ft. and up to 16m or 52 ft. at a lower capacity. However, in this case, Modulift re-rated the capacity to 364t working load limit (WLL) with +1.5 dynamic amplification factor (DAF). The drop links were re-rated to 200t WLL, also with 1.5 DAF, and new data plates were added accordingly.

Read more on Pag 40 in SlingMakers Magazine.



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