Opportunity Knocks!

AWRF-logo-w-words It is an honor to be the thirty seventh President of AWRF. I first started in this industry back in the days when domestic made 3/4” wire rope sold for $.35 per foot and prepaid freight terms was two hundred fifty pounds. I was fortunate to learn our industry from many intelligent and fun loving teachers. I grew up working for MacWhyte Wire Rope in sales, a manufacture that was an industry innovator. I graduated to Loos & Co. the premier specialty cable manufacture. Twenty-eight years ago, I started Cableworks and we are a sling shop based in Connecticut making rigging products for the New England marketplace. Every day in this industry has been interesting and full of opportunities. I have been active in our association for the last fifteen years. We as members of AWRF owe a large debt of gratitude to our founding fathers. These thirteen bold competitors convened the first meeting in Biloxi, Mississippi on December 12, 1975. The seven founding goals presented by member David Bishop were common sling nomenclature, quality standards for the members, information exchange, products liability insurance, health care insurance, united industry voice, and presenting a united position in federal and state capitols. Most of these original goals have been realized. Throughout our history our association has been blessed with wonderful leadership. These visionaries have invested their time and talents with careful long range planning which has benefited each of us. During this year, the board will concentrate on the following two goals:

• Healthcare Initiative We have retained Ben Krambeck of Benefit Captive RE to help us start a captive healthcare plan for our association. This is a long-term commitment, which will help stabilize your healthcare costs. The goal is 1,000 insured people here in the United States market to kick this program off. We need your participation to make this program a reality.

• Member Quality Initiative Our goal is to lift the quality level of all of our shops in order to help drive the end users of our products to your facilities first. This will be done through member education of best practices and methods in our industry. Many of our programs now feature topic discussions where we can all improve the final product and services going into the marketplace.

The board will continue to use the last membership survey as our compass for all of our decisions on location of meetings, technical content, and programs. I am happy to be the front man for your hard working board of directors. This volunteer group meets four times a year to steer the organization to continue to be a valuable tool in running your business. Here is your board: Robert Bairstow Jr.- Bairstow Lifting Products, Paul Boeckman-The Crosby Group, Mary Brett-National Industrial Supply, Mike Cucinello-Bilco Wire Rope, Chris Giannou-Hercules SLR, Nick Gladue-Dakota Riggers & Tool

Supply, Bill Franz-Mazzella Lifting Technologies, Steve Hughes-West Coast Wire Rope, Mike Parham-Industrial Splicing & Sling, Nicole Parkerson-Certified Slings, Inc., Mark Reeves-Wirerope Works, Inc., Chris Richardson-Lone Star Rigging LP, Scott St. Germain-I & I Sling, Doug Stitt-The Caldwell Group, Inc., Jim Stradinger-Holland 1916, Tom Wynn-Peerless Chain Co. Our association is ready for all opportunities to increase the value of your business and your effectiveness in the marketplace. It reminds me of Thomas Edison’s famous quote “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work”. Your board of directors has their overalls on and is ready to help us all capture those opportunities in 2013.


John Rauh



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