OSHA to Continue Aggressive Enforcement in 2013

SLap+Wrist Mark A Lies and Stephanie C. LaRocco of Seyfarth Shaw Environmental, Safety and Health practice group have written a comprehensive overview of what to expect from OSHA as we move in to 2013.

Occupational safety and health concerns are not limited to the construction and general industries anymore. Over the past four years, OSHA has become increasingly aggressive in its enforcement practices in every employment sector, rejecting collaborative efforts with employers, such as partnerships, to enhance workplace safety in favor of enforcement with higher citation classifications and enhanced penalties. With the reelection of President Obama and the understanding that Dr. David Michaels, Assistant Secretary of Labor, will remain the head of the OSHA for another four years, employers across the board can expect the agency to
continue its aggressive enforcement tactics in 2013 and beyond.


OSHA’s aggressive enforcement agenda shows no sign of slowing down. Employers should therefore revisit their safety policies and procedures and make sure that they are comprehensive, that employees have been properly trained, and that the policies are being enforced and discipline for infractions documented. This type of basic blocking and tackling will greatly reduce an employer’s exposure.

To read the full PDF visit http://www.buildsafe.org/documents/GoodbyeCarrotHelloStick.pdf

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