Stimulating Rope Applications – a report on OIPEEC Conference in Oxford, England – Knut Buschmann

Knut Buschmann of UniRope in Canada presented the meat and potatoes of 12 OIPEEC Reports. OIPEEC is an international association of people with an interest in the endurance and other aspects of rope technology, including selection, degradation, inspection and discard. Established in 1963.

Mr. Buschmann displayed brilliance as he broke down these very complex reports. The topics ranged from the effect of elevated temperature on poured socketing to steel hybrid rope fatigue tests. He dished on the effects of wire rope clad on rope terminations and wire rope in hot metal cranes going from hot to cold.

He served up information on failure causing core breaks in non-rotating wire rope, diameter change over time and evaluation of the effect of fatigue from sheave placement and fleet angles on wire rope life.

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