Test Bed Safety Guide

awrf-blog-series Worker safety has always been a priority for AWRF, which is why we have created a Test Bed Safety Guide to ensure that workers are properly trained and protected while performing the important testing of slings and fixture assemblies.

The guide is divided into three categories, with area specific details within each category. These include General Safety

AWRF’s Test Bed Safety Guide also includes examples of what to expect during a test, setting up a test sample, maintenance tips and strategies, with visual drawings to further understanding.

While it would be impossible to cover every testing scenario, AWRF’s Test Bed Safety Guide gives a basic understanding on what warnings to look for in maintaining a safe work environment.

This Safety Guide was prepared with worker safety at the forefront, and so that your assembly meets the required proof load or breaking strength. Take these safety guidelines seriously so that you can continue to perform tests that meet customer specifications.

Available for Free to AWRF Members, read more about the Test Bed Safety Guide in the
Slingmakers Archive Issue Number 113




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