The Evolution of the Governance of AWRF

awrf-blog-series AWRF has seen some changes throughout it’s almost forty year history, and all serve to benefit the Association’s operational and administrative systems.

AWRF was officially incorporated as a Texas nonprofit on January 7, 1976, and in 1979 made the necessary changeover to “trade association” to become more compatible with its operations. The corporate purposes have undergone periodic changes to keep up with the times, such as changing of the word “nylon” to “synthetic” to make it more of a broad and far reaching term.

AWRF also reached further to include more worldwide marketplaces as the Associations involvement in the industry grew and expanded. Safety standards were also ever changing as the industry grew to include rigging, lifting, and load securement.

The officers, directors, and staff of Associated Wire and Rope Fabricators have always welcomed constructive criticism and fresh ideas from its members in order to sustain its status as the international leader of the lifting, rigging, and load securement industry. We welcome new and old members to grow with us as we see where the next forty years will lead.

Summary of article written by:

J. Barry Epperson,
General Counsel

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